Hand Made Squirrel Houses
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This is the "Green House".  Made of 3/4" thick clear pine boards,stained green and finished with exterior grade polyurethane. 
Dimensions: 20"High x 12"Wide x 13"Deep. Lower sleeping
area is 10"Wide x 7"Deep.
     Features: *3" entry door
                   *upper and lower front porches
                   *gripping holes,pegs,and ropes all around
                   *predator guard feature
                   *climbing ladder to lower sleeping area
                   *cleanout door on the left side

    Price- $155.00 (+shipping)    ( S O L D )


This is a 7 sided house made of 3/4", grade #1 pine
boards.Very large and light weight,stained natural color and finished with exterior polyurethane.
  Dimensions:21" High x 12 1/2" Wide x 18" Deep.
Lower sleeping area is a 10" diameter circle.
      Features: * 3" entry door
                    * large front porch
                    * gripping holes on roof and porch
                    * climbing ropes between roof & porch
                    * predator guard feature
                    * climbing ladder to lower sleep area
                    * hinged cleanout door on front

                 Price-$190.00 (+shipping)

This is a view into the 7 sided house above.
This picture was taken before I put the roof on. It shows the entry hole on the left,the
predator guard / upper floor, and the climbing ladder to the lower sleeping area
to the right.

  More style and elegance for your squirrels !!
 This deluxe condominium is constructed of
 3/4" premium pine boards, you get to select
 the color. Mounting hardware and nesting
 material will be included.

 Dimensions: 20' High X 11 1/2" Wide X 17" Dp.
 -Front porch is 10 3/4" Wide x 5" Deep
 -Lower sleeping area is 9 1/4 x 9 3/4".

 Features:* 3" entry door
              * front porch with railing
              * predator guard feature
              * gripping holes on the roof
              * climbing ropes on the front
              * climbing ladder to lower area
              * hinged cleanout door on the front
              * decorative moldings on the front

              Price- $185.00 (+ shipping)

  Sure looks like "The "Ol Homestead" to me !

 Dimensions: 21" High x 17" Deep x 12" Wide.
New Orleans style living for the Squirrel 
who wants to live Mardi Gras style.
    Made of ¾" premium grade
pine boards,
then sealed, stained and finished with
  exterior grade polyurethane.

 Features: * 3" entry door
               * upper & lower balconies
* decorative front wood moldings
* gripping holes on roof & porches
* climbing ropes on front & roof 
* predator guard feature
* side clean-out door

             Price-  $225.00 (+ shipping)

This house is made of 3/4" premium pine boards,
is stained sedona red,and finished with extreior
grade polyurethane. Lower sleeping area is very
large, 10 1/2" Wide x 9 1/4" deep. The front porch
is 11 1/4" wide x 4" deep.
  Dimensions:21" High x 12" Wide x 15 1/2" Deep.
  Features: * 3" entry door
                * door step with gripping holes
                * front porch with railing
                * gripping holes on the roof
                * climbing ropes on the front
                * predator guard feature
                * climbing ladder to lower area
                * locking cleanout door on the side
            Price- $190.00 (+shipping)

This is a view into the lower sleeping area
of the house shown above. You can see the
climbing ladder which the squirrels will use to get to the spacious sleeping level.

  Your squirrels will be the envy
  of the forest in this mansion !

    This is the house shown above,
         viewed f
rom thfront

 You will never see a Squirrel House ,made of
   1" thick
Solid Oak--anywhere but here !!!

Stained light natural color and finished
           exterior grade polyurethane.
  Dimensions:14" High x 11" Wide x 11" Deep.
Roof extends 4" over the entry door,
           and is removable for cleaning.
Features: * 3" entry door
* predator guard feature
* front door step
* climbing ropes on the front
* gripping holes on roof and step

Price - $175.00 (+ shipping)

This is two 10 lb. bags of the seed mixtures which we feed to our squirrels. They are available from stores such as "Petco" or from the manufacturer named "Chuck-a-Nut". Their phone number is  (888)-248-2526.  or    www.chuckanutproducts.com

This house is made of 3/4" premium grade pine
boards,is expertly constructed,and very roomy.
It is sealed and stained natural color,then
finished with exterior grade polyurethane.
  Dimensions: 22" High x 15" Wide x 9 3/4"
 Deep. Lower sleeping area is 9 1/4" Wide x
 9 3/4" deep.
   Features: * 3" entry door
                 * apricot tree branch door step
                 * gripping holes on the roof
                 * predator guard feature
                 * ladder to lower sleeping area
                 * hinged cleanout door

 This house was donated and auctioned off
 at the Coast & Canyon Wildlife rehabilitation
 fund raiser auction.

  Coast & Canyon Wildlife Rehabilitation is
 located in Malibu California. This all volunteer
 facility cares for over 1,000 injured and orphaned
 wild animals annually (mostly babies).
 Visit the Coast & Canyon website and live web
 cams for fun, safe, informative chat rooms
 and the cutest baby animals on the internet !
 See squirrels, possums, skunks, chipmunks
 groundhogs and other critters being cared for
 and prepared for their release back into the wild.
 Click the link below to go see the baby animals !


                (click on streaming videos)

  This is a view of the house      
  above, looking into the lower
  sleeping area,through the
  cleanout door.You can see the
  climbing ladder to the upper
  living area.

 The caring person who wanted
     this squirrel house bid
             $350.00 ! ! !
               for it...

  All proceeds went directly to 
 helping injured and orphaned
 wildlife. This house and the
                                                                    cost of shipping was donated   
                                                                    by squirrelhouses4bebe.com.

                                        (CLICK THE LINK BELOW)




            If You're interested in any of the squirrel houses, e-mail me at:


                                        By clicking on this link !

  These piles of plywood have been cut to specific sizes and shipped to our wildlife
       rehabilitation friends at Coast And Canyon Wildlife, in Malibu California.
Each pile of wood will be assembled to make a "Squirrel Release House".
These houses will be placed in a cage with the young squirrels, and will be
    used to transport the squirrels to their release location.
The house will be left 
    with the squirrels as a home base, until they move on in their new home area.

                 This house was built for a Wildlife Center in Illinois.
             I can custom build a specially designed house for you too.