Hand Made Squirrel Houses
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Squirrel Videos

This is two of Gingers babies, playing in the backyard.

   Two young squirrels checking out the squirrel house outside my kitchen window.

  Our engineer thoroughly inspects each squirrel house I build.

  Three summer 2010 babies, playing in the apricot tree wearing their bulky
  winter fuzz.

   A look at a beautiful black squirrel, for those who don't see them very often.

   Watch the ear on the right when he looks into the camera.

  An ordinary day in the backyard.


   A busy day on the front porch.

   More baby squirrels play fighting.

   This is Ginger on her house on my front porch. I believe that there was a
  litter of babies inside the house at this time.

   A young squirrel seeing snow for the first time, all warm and dry in a squirrel

   A squirrel burying a nut, and having some fun in the snow.

 These two baby squirrel sisters were born in the spring of 2011. I have since put
 a larger house up for them but the black one is only living here now. Her sister 
 is still around and they say hello to each other when they see each other at the  

  This is the first time baby black squirrel is exploring outside of her house.

  An extreme close-up video of a squirrel friend, eating at the kitchen window.

  Baby black squirrel building a leaf nest.

  The baby squirrel sleeping in the leaf nest, in the apricot tree, SSSSHHHH ! !

  The two Baby Squirrel sisters, grooming and relaxing in the leaf nest they made.

  Sleeping in the tree, on a sunny afternoon.

  A Butterfly on the hedges.

  Ginger is welcome to eat anywhere she wants to........


 Ginger always made time for the baby,even when she wanted to see what I was
 doing at the door.

 This is a Procession,(small parade) for the feast of Saint Anthony. It starts at the
 local Church.
We get a few different processions, passing by the house each

 Play time for the sisters !!

 This is a baby Mocking Bird, on the fence. We have a few pairs, who had nested
 three times this year. The squirrels take a pounding from the parents when the
 little ones leave the nest.

 Ginger Babies !!  Growing up and playing on their squirrel house ..

 Ginger Babies !! Growing up and playing on their squirrel house..

This is "Black Bear", the baby black squirrel all grown up, fluffing up the nest in
her house.

It's always nice to get a visit from the Red Bellied Woodpecker.

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow !   Staying warm and dry in her house......

A visitor at the window while making Christmas Cookies !!