Hand Made Squirrel Houses
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Dimensions:18 1/2" High x 11 1/4" Wide x 11 1/2" Deep.   This house is made of 3/4" pine wood,stained natural color,and finished with exterior grade polyurethane.   Lower sleeping area is 9 1/2" x 5 1/2" and the front porch is 11" x 4".
           Features:*3" entry door.
                        *inside and outside sitting shelf.
                        *climbing ropes.
                        *gripping pegs on the roof

      Price-$80.00 (+ shipping)

To make squirrel houses out of real tree trunks,I would collect sections of fallen trees (usually due to storm damage) and cut sections to a desired length.I would then hollow them out with a chain-saw,let it dry out, and then install a roof,floor,entry door, railings,ropes ect.

Dimensions:16" High x 12" Wide x 18 " Deep.
This house was built to order and shipped to    Massachusetts.

    I can custom build a house for you too!!

         E-mail me at (click the link below)
                       OR TRY:

This house is made of 3/4", #1 pine boards,stained red
and finished with exterior polyurethane.
Dimensions:18" High x 13 1/2" Wide x 12" Deep.
Lower sleeping area is 9 3/4" x 7 1/4".
       Features: * 3" entry door
                     * apricot tree branch door step
                     * predator guard feature
                     * climbing ladder to lower sleeping area
                     * gripping holes on the roof
                     * hinged cleanout door on front

      Price: $125.00 (+ shipping)

          Welcome to "The Chalet".
     Constructed of ¾ #1 pine boards,
   all parts assembled with screws and
  glue,sealed and stained light natural
    color & finished with polyurethane.

Dimensions: 20" High x 11" Wide x
                    18 ½" Deep.
         The front porch is 11" x 5".
  Lower sleeping area is 9 ½" x 11 ¼".

 Features: * 3" entry door
               * front porch with railing
               * predator guard
               * climbing ladder to bottom
               * hinged cleanout door
               * decorative front moldings
               * gripping ropes and holes

        Price:  $215.00 (+ shipping)

This is another picture of the Chalet.

You can see the side
clean out door, the
gripping holes and ropes on the porch
and roof.

You can also see the
detail on some of the
decorative moldings.

Nesting material and
mounting hardware
will be provided too.

    This message was in a Fortune Cookie I opened. Think it means anything ?

This is Bebe,she came to our backyard when I was only feeding birds and didn't know much about squirrels.She eventually befriended us by climbing up the back of our house and looking in the window for something to eat,but I believe she was looking for friends also.I started to feed her avacados and pecans on the windowsill.Before long she would come inside,look around,and roam around while I would get her food ready.We enjoyed her company for a year and a half,trusting eachother enough for me to pet her while she was eating.We last saw Bebe two weeks before going to Italy in 2008,her inspiration has turned my hobby of woodworking into what you see here.

This is Rudolph,Bebe's son,the most handsome squirrel on earth.His nose, chest area ,and feet are brown and he has a chestnut color brown stripe down his belly.

This is Ginger,the mother squirrel who lives in a squirrel house on my front porch.
In the summer of 2010,she raised four healthy babies in the house,where they all lived through the winter of 2010. 
She eventually sent them off into the world when it was time to raise another family.This picture was taken on March 17 2011.

These are four of
Gingers five babies,
out inspecting their
house...they have
begun to explore
the world outside
and then they go...
wherever baby
squirrels go........

Ginger & Me at
the kitchen window.

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