Hand Made Squirrel Houses
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  Who's squirrel doesn't deserve elegance and
  luxury?   Look at the fine detail on this 
  spacious castle. Would look great finished
  with a natural wood color!                           Dimensions: 21" High x 11 1/2" Wide x 16"   Deep. Lower sleeping area is 10" x 9 1/4".
The front porch is 11 1/2" x 4" and your squirrel would love to be seen sitting there!

   Features: *3" entry door
                 *gripping holes on the roof & deck
                 *climbing ropes on the front
                 *decorative moldings on the front
                 *predator guard feature
                 *inside climbing ladder
                 *cleanout door on the right

            Price: $195.00 (+shipping)

This is a view into the 3" entry door of
a squirrel house. It shows the predator guard / upper floor with the 4" access
hole and climbing ladder,which leads to
the lower sleeping area.
 The Predator Guard provides additional
living space for the squirrels to hang out
and look out the entry door.

The Predator Guard prevents predators
from reaching "in and down".....
 Keeping squirrels safe and sound !

This is another tree trunk house,the walls are very
thick,it is very heavy,
and has a clean out door
on the bottom.
Dimensions:20" High x 15" Wide x 19 1/2" Deep.
Lower sleeping area is a 9 1/2" circular shape.

    Features:* 3" entry door
                 * predator guard feature
                 * climbing ladder to sleeping area
                 * gripping holes on the roof
                 * decorative roof support branches

               Price-$130.00 (+ shipping)

       S O L D

 This Squirrel house is a 7 sided circular design;Very  durable and appealing to squirrels.Stained natural          color and finished with exterior grade polyurethane.
There is a dark piece of wood on the other side too,
 to give it some designer looks.
Dimensions:16 1/2" High x 11 1/4" Wide x 13" Deep.
   Inside lower living area is 9" in diameter.

         Features: * 3" entry door
                       * outside sitting shelf
                       * climbing ropes
                       * gripping holes on the roof
                       * predator guard feature

                   Price-$90.00 (+ shipping)

This house was designed with a Red Squirrel
 in mind. I don't know what kind of a tree
 this was, but it is very strong and resistant
 to cracking.
 The bark has been removed for a
 different look, narrow on top and wider below.

 Dimensions: 20" High x 10" Wide x 11" Wide.
 Lower sleeping area is an 8" diameter circle.
 Features: * 3" entry door
               * gripping holes on the roof
               * inside climbing ladder
               * predator guard
               * apple tree door step
               * hinged cleanout door on bottom

            Price- $135.00 ( S O L D ) (Sorry...)

 This Tree Trunk squirrel house is just like the
 one outside my kitchen window, in some of 
 my videos.
 Dimensions: 15¾" High
                            11¼ Wide
                                         16½ Deep
Lower sleeping area is a 9½" diamater circle.
This house has a 3" entry door,
 Gripping holes on the roof and porch,stained  dark maple, and finished with exterior grade
There is no Predator Guard in this house,so
 sure to put it where there is no danger of


Price:- $125.00 (+ shipping)

                  S O L D  (sorry)

 This Squirrel House is the same style as the
   "Green House".
 Made of ¾" premium grade
sealed and stained "Ipswitch Pine" color
 and finished with
exterior grade polyurethane.
Dimensions: 12" Wide x 17" Deep x 21" High.
Front porches are 11¼" Wide 6" Deep.
Lower Sleeping area is 9¼" x 10".

Features:*3" entry door
* two front porches
              * gripping holes on roof and porches
 *climbing ropes on roof and front
* predator guard feature
* clean out door on the side

            Price-$205.00 (+ shipping)

Staying warm and dry in the snowy weather.This picture was taken in the winter of 2009/2010.The house is still there being used in the winter of 2013.

  In the spring of 2011, a mother squirrel
 gave birth to two babies, in this house.
 One was Gray, and one was Black. 
 Its now 2-9-2013 and the black squirrel is  now a momma, who has had 2 litters of
 babies in a squirrel house on my front
 porch in 2012.I think she will have her 
 2013 Spring Babies soon !!

These are the two babies born in the
 Squirrel house in my backyard in  2011, as mentioned above.
 This is the first picture of them  together outside their house... 
 Too Cute !!

 The black squirrel is now a momma!!

  Always a face looking in the
  window. If you don't see them
  quickly enough,they will knock
  to let you know they are there !

And another face at the window !

 Ginger, posing for the camera
   in the sun...


What you see below is what I removed from the squirrel house outside my kitchen
There was about two gallons of compacted leaf dust, a fleece sleepy cloth,
a half of a walnut shell, and a rock. Yes it's true, squirrels play with rocks, and take them home to keep.

                  If you're interested in any of the squirrel houses, e-mail me at:


                                           By clicking on this link !!
  This Squirrel House is made of Cedar.
Dimensions: 19" High
                          " Wide  
                                " Deep
Features: * 3" Entry door  
* Weather guard above door  
* Predator Guard Feature   
* Hinged, Locking roof   
 Cedar is known to be resistant to moisture
            and a repellent to insects. 

   A very spacious and light weight house.  

         PRICE - $130.00 (+ shipping)